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Extrude Sheet

Extrude Sheet description.

Extrusion plate (acrylic plate) has the following properties and use characteristics:

Excellent transparency: Extruded sheet has excellent transparency, almost comparable to glass. This makes it very popular in applications that require transparency, such as display cases, lighting covers, signage, etc.

Good weather resistance: Extrusion plates have good weather resistance and can withstand the effects of UV, moisture and climate change. It does not easily turn yellow, brittle or fade, so it is suitable for outdoor applications, such as outdoor billboards, doors and Windows.

Strength and impact resistance: extrusion plate has good strength and impact resistance, stronger than glass and not easy to break. This makes it widely used in applications that require a high degree of safety and shock resistance, such as protective covers, security Windows, etc.

Light weight and good workability: extrusion plate is lighter than glass, easy to handle and install. It also has excellent machining properties and can be easily cut, drilled, bent and formed for a variety of customized designs and applications.

Flame retardant performance: The extrusion plate can be improved by adding flame retardant to meet specific fire protection requirements. This has led to its widespread adoption in security applications in areas such as construction, electronics and aerospace.

Extruded sheets (acrylic sheets) are suitable for many scenarios and applications, including but not limited to:

  • architecture and interior decoration: transparent partition, doors and Windows, ceiling, metope adornment, etc.
  • advertising and display: light boxes, billboards, display rack, showcase, etc.
  • lighting and optical: lighting, light guide plate, fiber optic transmission, etc.
  • and household furniture: eat desk and chair, display cabinets, flower POTS, bathtub, etc.
  • auto and transport: Windows, car lamps, traffic signs, etc.

In short, extrusion sheet (acrylic sheet) with its excellent transparency, weather resistance, strength and processing properties, plays an important role in a number of fields and provides a reliable solution for a variety of applications.

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Extrude sheet production process

Extrusion plate (acrylic plate) is a common acrylic products, its manufacturing process using extrusion technology.

First, high quality acrylic resin is added as a raw material to the feed port of the extruder. Inside the extruder, the raw material is heated and melted to form a molten substance with a certain viscosity.

The melt is then pushed by the extruder's screw and extruded into continuous plates through the extrusion outlet of the die. The mold shape determines the thickness and width of the final product.

During the extrusion process, the molten material passes through the cooling coiling device and is rapidly cooled into a solid state. In the cooling process, air cooling or water cooling can be used to control the temperature and hardness of the plate.

Once cooled, the sheet is stretched or cut through a traction roller or cutting device to reach the desired size and length.

Finally, after the necessary inspection and quality control, the extrusion plate was judged to be qualified. The inspection items include dimension measurement, appearance inspection, physical performance test, etc.

The extrusion process has the advantages of high efficiency, stability and controllability. It can produce flat, even sheets with good transparency, smoothness and mechanical strength.

Our company is committed to the use of advanced extrusion process, to ensure that the quality and performance of extrusion plate meet the needs of customers. We continue to optimize the process parameters and quality control measures, in order to provide high quality extrusion products to meet the needs of all walks of life.

Plan and what you might want to know

If you want to know the scope of the product
Construction and decoration: Injection molding board can be used for exterior wall decoration, indoor partition, ceiling, stair handrail, wall decoration and so on. It can be machined by cutting, drilling, bending and bonding to meet various design requirements. Advertising and signs: Molded panels are ideal materials for making billboards, light boxes, display stands, signs and letters. It has good transparency and optical effect, can achieve accurate pattern and text display. Exhibition and display: Injection plate is often used to make exhibition cabinets, display shelves, product display boxes, etc. Its transparency and impact resistance make the exhibits clearly visible and can effectively protect the exhibits from damage. Furniture and home decor: Injection molded panels can be used to make furniture, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, bookshelves, etc. With high transparency, durability and good looks, it can add a modern and stylish feel to the home environment. Industrial application: Injection plate in the industrial field also has a wide range of applications, such as mechanical parts of the covering board, heat insulation board, protective cover, etc. Its chemical corrosion resistance and weather resistance make it suitable for various industrial environments. How to use: In the application of injection plates, common methods include cutting, drilling, hot bending, cold bending, gluing and assembly. According to the specific requirements and design requirements, can choose the appropriate processing method and technology. At the same time, the installation and use of injection plate also need to pay attention to proper fixing and maintenance, to ensure its stability and long service life.
About our arrangements and expectations for the production plan.
Our company to customer satisfaction as the core, pay attention to efficient and orderly production planning. The following is a description of our company's production schedule: First of all, we pay close attention to market demand and customer orders, and accurately evaluate production needs. We work closely with the sales team to understand the customer's needs and delivery time requirements in order to develop a reasonable production plan. In making production plans, we fully consider the availability and capacity of production resources. We assess equipment condition and capability and work with the production team to develop proper production sequence and process flow. We ensure the efficient operation of the production line and strictly comply with production standards and quality control processes. We develop detailed production schedules, specifying the start and end times of each production phase. We take into account the priority and urgency of the production task and allocate resources and manpower reasonably to ensure that the production schedule is on time and smoothly. Through effective production monitoring and scheduling, we solve production delays or problems in a timely manner. At the same time, we maintain close cooperation with suppliers to ensure the timely supply of raw materials. We coordinate closely with the logistics team to ensure on-time distribution and delivery of materials and finished products. We maintain good communication with other departments to ensure that production plans are coordinated with purchasing, logistics and sales departments. We constantly optimize and improve the production plan to adapt to market changes and customer needs. We actively learn from advanced production management technology and methods, and constantly improve the production efficiency and quality level. We pursue excellence and constantly improve our production capacity and competitiveness. In short, our company's production planning focuses on customer needs, efficient operation and quality assurance. Through scientific planning and management, we ensure that the production process goes smoothly, products are delivered on time, and constantly pursue excellence and continuous improvement, to provide customers with quality products and services.
What can we do for you?
Our company has an excellent sales team and experienced technical team. If you have any doubts or technical problems in the process of using your products, you can contact our company. We will immediately consider and analyze and try our best to solve them for your company.


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